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The Riptide Report: PLL Week 7

As we excitedly await for the start of the second half of the PLL season, Riptide 2020 first overall pick Jeff Teat, got off to a fantastic start to the outdoor season.

This start awarded him a spot in the PLL’s All-Star Game on July 18. There, he recorded one point with a goal for the CrowdStrike Adversaries against the Crownstrike Defenders. That goal contributed to a 23-21 win at PayPal Park in San Jose, CA. Teat also participated in the All-Stars Skills Competition in the accuracy shooting contest.

The Ontario native has played in only three games, but Teat has a total of 14 points, nine goals, and five assists for Atlas LC.

The game that caught everyone’s eye was Teat’s professional debut in week three, when the star finished with nine points: seven goals on 11 shots and two assists in a 18-17 win against Cannons LC.

The Ben Rubeor led team is 4-2, and has his team sitting in a tie for third place, and is ready to take on Chrome LC 2-4, Friday, July 30. This Week 7 matchup will start the resumption of regular season play, and Atlas will play again on Sunday, Aug 1, vs. Cannons LC.

Teat’s Atlas and Riptide teammate, transition player Brent Adams, has two assists and a goal in five games.

Riptide forward Kieran McArdle has spent his outdoor season with Waterdogs LC. The Long Island native’s team stands at 4-3 on the season, putting them in second place in the standings. The St. John’s product has 17 points in the six games on ten goals and seven assists.

McArdle’s best game came at Shuart Stadium,  on the campus of Hofstra University in Uniondale, NY. McArdle had three goals on four shots and two assists, totaling five points.

The Waterdogs look to improve its record to 5-3 and vs. Whipsnakes LC, 4-2 on Saturday, July 31. All games will be played at Weidner Field in Colorado Springs, CO.

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