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How To Legally Bet On Lacrosse In The US

Lacrosse may be the oldest organized sport in North America, with its roots dating back to Native Americans playing hundreds of years ago. Still, it is often overlooked compared to other sports in the US. However, thanks to competitions like the National Lacrosse League, interest in lacrosse is growing.

With this increased popularity, you may see lacrosse bets available at US sportsbooks. If you’re a lacrosse fan interested in betting on the sport, read our expert guide below. We’ll explain how to bet on sports legally in the US, and some of your options when betting on lacrosse.

Legal US Sports Betting

Nevada was the only place you could place bets on lacrosse or any other sport for many years in the US. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) prevented states from creating sports betting legislation. However, this didn’t rule out any laws in place which allowed Nevada to continue offering betting markets.

However, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in 2018, allowing every state in the US to legalize sports betting. There is now some kind of betting legal in more than 30 US states. To enjoy sports betting in these jurisdictions, you don’t have to be a resident. You can visit and place bets as long as you follow local regulations.

When betting on lacrosse or any other sport, it is crucial to follow the rules in the state where you are playing. For example, you cannot place bets on in-state college teams in New York. If you travel to NY, you can’t bet on teams like the Army Black Knights. In addition, you can only use betting sites licensed by the local regulator. In New York, this is the New York State Gaming Commission.

The National Lacrosse League is the most popular lacrosse competition in the US and is the most likely to be available on US sportsbooks.

What Bets Can I Place on Lacrosse?

As lacrosse becomes more common on online sportsbooks, the range of markets available is growing. We’ve given a brief overview of some of the most common bets you will see while betting on the National Lacrosse League.


A moneyline is the most straightforward bet you can place, where you predict which team will win a game. If you are correct, you get your stake back and a profit. However, if you are incorrect, you lose your money.

Point Spread

With a point spread, rather than just picking which team will win an event, you need to predict whether a team will win or lose within a certain margin. Sportsbooks mark the favorite with a minus (-) symbol, while the underdog is marked with a plus (+) symbol. If the betting gives the favorite a -5, the team will need to win by five points, while the underdog (+5) will need to avoid losing by five or more.


Sportsbooks will set a total for a statistic, and you need to predict whether the final result will be over or under that stat. The most common total bet is total points, where you need to predict how many combined points are scored in a game. For example, a sportsbook could set a total of eight for this bet. If you back the over, you need there to be nine points, no matter which team scores them.


A parlay bet allows you to add more risk and reward to your bets by adding multiple markets from different events to the same bet. However, every bet, or leg, needs to come in for your parlay to payout. This added risk means sportsbooks will give you a more significant profit on parlay bets rather than just betting on each market individually. You will also need to risk less money, as you only have to place one bet rather than multiple.

Prop Bets

Rather than betting on the outcome of an event, a prop bet allows you to bet on a particular statistic. For example, with lacrosse betting, you can wager on a player to score a particular amount of points. You can also place team prop bets, like betting on the final score.


A future bet allows you to place a wager on the outcome of significant events, such as the winner of the National Lacrosse League. You can often place these bets months in advance, and the earlier you place your bets, the better odds you will get. Some sportsbooks may offer futures on players to pick up individual awards like top goalscorer.

How Do I Sign Up with Legal US Sportsbooks?

Placing bets on the National Lacrosse League and other lacrosse competitions has never been easier. You need to register with a licensed sportsbook to place legal bets. However, you can usually sign up and get going within a few minutes. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

  1. Choose an online sportsbook licensed in the state where you are playing.
  2. Click the “Register” or “Sign Up” button, which is usually in the top right of the screen.
  3. You will need to provide your name, address, state, phone number, email address, and phone number to sign up. You will also need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. Betting operators need this information to verify your identity and to protect you from fraud and underage gambling.
  4. Go to the cashier section, choose a payment method, and decide how much money to add to your account. You may need to meet a minimum deposit to claim a welcome bonus.
  5. The deposit usually hits your account instantly. Once you have your money, find a lacrosse betting market and add it to your bet slip. Choose your stake and confirm your bet.
  6. Return to the cashier section if your bet wins for instructions on withdrawing.

Sports Betting Verification

Before withdrawing money from a sportsbook for the first time, you must fully verify your account. To do this, you must upload or email documents proving your identity and address. You can use your driving license or passport to confirm your identity and a document like a utility bill to verify your address.

Once you have uploaded this information, the sportsbook will need a few days to verify you. Once you’re verified, you will be able to withdraw freely. Some betting sites may ask you to verify your identity during your registration.

Betting on Lacrosse Legally

Now is the best time to get involved with lacrosse betting in the US. New states are launching sports betting all the time, and new sportsbooks are going live with markets on the National Lacrosse League and other lacrosse competitions. Sign up with a licensed sportsbook to place moneylines, totals, and other bets legally.


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