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Player Prop Betting on Lacrosse Games

With the National Lacrosse League gaining more fans every year, it is not a surprise to see interest in the sport growing in the US. One of the impacts of this is now you can find lacrosse games at legal and licensed US sportsbooks. This allows you to bet on the outcome of lacrosse games and predict teams to win championships.

However, one of the most popular types of betting is player props, which lets you wager on one player’s statistics. To discover more about this type of betting and learn how to register with a legal sportsbook, read our guide below.

What is a Player Prop Bet?

A player prop bet is a prediction on a player accomplishing or not accomplishing a certain statistic in a single game. It doesn’t matter about the final result as long as your player does what they are meant to do. Here are some common player prop bets you can back in lacrosse:

  • First goalscorer
  • Over/under assists
  • Over/under goals
  • Over/under shots
  • Over/under saves

A first goalscorer bet is pretty straightforward, as you just have to pick the athlete you think will score first. With an over/under bet, the sportsbook will set a total for a statistic (assists, goals, shots), and you have to choose whether a player will hit over or under that number. Sportsbooks usually use numbers like 1.5 to avoid ties.

Most sportsbooks use American odds with prop betting, where you’ll get a three-digit number and a symbol. A (-) with the numbers shows you how much you need to bet to win $100. However, with a (+), those numbers tell you how much you can win with a $100 bet.

Lacrosse Player Prop Betting Example

While player prop betting with lacrosse is super fun once you get the hang of it, it can be confusing at first. Let’s use a few examples to get you up to speed.

You go onto a sportsbook and see a player prop bet for a player to have more than 2.5 shots at odds of -150. The -150 shows you need to wager $150 to get a $100 profit. If you bet on this player prop, you just need that player to have three or more shots. It doesn’t matter how many their team has or if they win or lose. You’ll make a profit if your player hits three shots.

Here’s another example. A betting site provides odds of +200 to a player to score first. In this instance, the odds show you can win $200 by betting $100. If you decide to place this bet, you need the player you choose to score the first goal in a lacrosse game. If that player scores but not first, you don’t win any money.

Popular Lacrosse Competitions for Betting

There are loads of lacrosse competitions in the US for fans to enjoy, but there are two main options for anyone looking to bet on the sport. The first is the National Lacrosse League, featuring teams like the New York Riptide. You’ll find futures on who will win the championship, as well as player prop bets on the top athletes in the league.

The lacrosse competition that is widely available at US sportsbooks is NCAA Division I lacrosse. However, some states may restrict placing player props to protect young athletes. In addition, while some jurisdictions will allow college sports betting, there may be restrictions on betting on in-state teams.

How do I Bet on Lacrosse Legally in the US?

Since the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), sports betting in the US has been legalized on a state-by-state basis. There are dozens of states with online and retail sports betting available, such as Michigan, Arizona, and New York.

You don’t need to be a resident of one of these states to bet, but you must be within the borders of a jurisdiction where it is legal while wagering. Each state will have its own rules for sports betting, including whether or not to allow wagers on lacrosse.

How to Register and Place Player Props with US Sportsbooks

If you want to start betting on lacrosse, you will need to sign up with a licensed US sportsbook. Follow our guide below to register and place your first bet.

  1. Visit a state where online sports betting is legal.
  2. Choose a sportsbook licensed by that state’s regulator.
  3. Select to register with the betting site.
  4. Enter your name, address, email, phone number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number. The sportsbook needs this information to protect you from underage gambling and fraud.
  5. Create a password for your account. You may also need to create a username.
  6. Some sportsbooks will offer a welcome bonus you can redeem with a promo code. If you have a promo code, enter it during your sign up. However, if you don’t, you can register without any issues.
  7. Confirm you are of legal gambling age and create your account.
  8. Go to the sportsbook’s cashier section and choose a deposit method. You will be able to select how much money you want to deposit. Some welcome bonuses may need a minimum deposit, so be sure you meet these requirements.
  9. Browse the betting site’s markets until you find its lacrosse odds. Add a wager to your bet slip, choose how much to stake, and confirm your bet.
  10. If your bet is a winner, return to the cashier section, where the sportsbook will advise you on how to withdraw. Some sportsbooks may ask you to verify your account by emailing copies of your photo ID or proof of address before you can withdraw any money.

Player Prop Betting on Lacrosse Summary

A player prop bet is one of the most exciting wagers for lacrosse bettors, as you can make a profit without needing a whole team to perform for you. Many sportsbooks in the US offering lacrosse betting will provide odds for player props, making it a perfect time to jump in and try. Register with a legal US sportsbook now to get started.


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