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Riptide Run Virtual 5K

Join the New York Riptide for the Riptide Run Virtual 5K on June 26-28!
All donations from the Riptide Run Virtual 5K will be given to local non-profits that are fighting the COVID-19 virus.

To sign up and participate, click HERE.

5K Information
There are two donation levels to participate in the Riptide Run Virtual 5K:

Level 1:  $15, receive entrance into the event.

Level 2:  $35, receive one (1) ticket to 2020-21 Opening Night and entrance into the event.

What is a Virtual 5K?
A virtual race is one that you run or walk on your own, at any time of day, in any place you like! The only rules are that you must complete the distance (5K/3.1mi) while doing so during the time period. Virtual races are a way to stay connected with one another when you are unable to get together for a normal 5K.

How far do I run?
For this race, you will run or walk 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles. You can track this using a number of different options: a GPS watch, your smartphone via many apps (Nike+ Run Club, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, etc.). You can even use a treadmill if you’d prefer to stay indoors.

Where do I run?
The great thing about this 5K is that you can do this race anywhere that you want to. You can go to a track or a trail, a hilly course or a flat one! It’s entirely up to you, just make sure that you are safe and following rules of the road.

What do I do after I finish my race?
Submit a screenshot or photo of your treadmill, or tracker to show your completed 5K. You can do this on all social media platforms tagging the Riptide at @NewYorkRiptide with the hashtag #RiptideRun5K20.

How long do I have to finish the race?
The race period will begin Friday, June 26 at 5:00 a.m. EDT and will go until midnight on Sunday, June 28 EDT. You can run and submit your race any time during this period.

For additional information regarding this event contact the Riptide at [email protected].

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